Saturday morning at five o'clock
Bet I was the first one up on the block.
Had to get with it, couldn't be slow.
Packed our car, got ready to go.
Tock our skillet, and away we went.
We're gonna do my favorite thing
Oh, how i love to go camping.

I'm going campin, feels so good.
Camping, out there in the woods.
Camping makes me sing.
Oh, how I love to go camping.
Pitch our tent in a beautiful spot.
Dad says it's hard, but I know that it' not.
A couple of poles, a couple of string.
guess there's a couple of other funny thing.
I can do it all by myself.
So I did, with a little bit of help
and now I'll go get water from the spring.
Oh, ho I love to go camping.
fish and hike till the sun goes down
The we build a fire, and we gather around.
Nights are cool out here in the park.
When the sun goes down, it sure gets dark.
Spooky sounds I heard in the night
Hope they don't give Daddy a fright.
I'll lie close and around him cling.
Oh, How I love to go camping.